Welcome to the Diaries and Journals of Captain James Purcell

The Diaries and Journals of Captain James Purcell, follow his life from humble beginning to his end as the most feared creature in history.

First edition cover designed by Charles Kirkpatrick.

Book #01 The End

He was due to be one of the great professors, James Purcell is a specialist in the subject of Mythobiology. Prodigy of the eminent professor Isaac Theologian and due to be married to the professor's daughter Eleanor Theologian, life was looking great. On the night that they were to celebrate the engagement, the young couple are attacked by a monster and Eleanor is killed. With no other witnesses, the police suspicions fall towards him. Disowned by the professor who believes him responsible for the death of his daughter, James Purcell returns home to rejoin a life he had left behind. Unable to explain what really happened that night, James must live with the knowledge that unless a miracle can happen he will have to face a one way trip that no one has ever returned from. In the shadows, other forces stir eager to restore a past believed to be nothing more than horror stories. Is James' life his own to live or is he nothing more than a pawn of a darker power >> Read More..

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